Sunday 14 December 2014

reEvolution-trailer on Vimeo

Came across this trailer on Vimeo about Fatbikes and bike packing out in the wilds, it could be the wilds anywhere in the world as the narrative is so true,
I have always been a hater of the rat race, and living in East Lothian-which is a prime commuter belt for Edinburgh City i see the rat race every morning, esp in winter when i start later at 8am and see it as i pass some folk driving like idiots at the same time every morning whatever the weather conditions and weather forecasts have warned to leave early for your destination. Zooming past  in their company BMWs and Audi`s and 4x4s  cocooned in their own little world. When cycling you cannot help but look at drivers and so many look like zombies! with blank expressions, i wonder what there really thinking about as they zoom by on our country roads...

I actually feel so lucky i do not live such a life, if that is what some professional careers involve...
I could not care if some folk earn 4 times my wage, i am not driven by money-obvious that is! with what i earn for my work, but would rather have the option to stop on my old bike on my commute and take a picture of the dawn , even if that takes waiting 5 minutes for the right light from behind a cloud,
Life is not about rushing about, it`s about enjoying the moment, for myself that is often while cycling from A-B, then locally out of work in my own time.
Get out and ride, and enjoy life...whether i out live `the bastards` as described i am not sure!, but i will have a lot of fun and adventures on my doorstep along the way, as i always say `Life is Good`  :)

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