Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Salsa Cycles Why Bikepack

I need to get my Bikepacking mojo back...
Bikepacking  does not need to be far from home to be an adventure, esp where i live in this amazingly scenic corner of East Lothian. I have the bikes, the frame bags, stoves and cooking gear, and the small solo tent/Bivvy bag/Hennessy Hammock options to choose from...  I just need to ease myself away from the the stove and fridge full of cider and go ride somewhere before sunset and build a fire and take a hip flask to enjoy the sunset and stars,  Be it alone, or with local friends-come on guys lets do an Xmas hols overnight somewhere here on the coast :)



  1. I know exactly where the dreams are coming from, but on Saturday I have to get prescription reading glasses fitted. It's not anything nasty , just age. So can we do a cycle to a comfy shed with heating? If not, I would like to do a bivvy/camp at Traprain quarry?

  2. Hi Ped, We need to catch up for a cycle soon!, Saturday i hope to get a Chimney pot fitted on the house!, will be in touch! :)