Tuesday 26 February 2013

1930`s Raleigh Popular...British Steel...

Got my BT Broadband fault repaired yest by local engineer and friend Richard,
Old wiring was replaced and it is super fast now!
More importantly Richard is like myself a bike fettler and bike blether and he ended up selling me this;
A 1930`s 28" wheel, 24" frame Raleigh Popular!...

A quality made bit of old British steel. Some real quality nice detail to this bicycle. It will make a lovely summer evening pub bike to ride to East Linton for a few ciders...

I already have a mint 1953 Raleigh Roadster sold from a shop up the road in Edinburgh and havd blogged it.Click here to look at that bike; British Steel Blog post

Built when Great Britain produced the finest steel in the world. An Island nation famous for its Victorian revolution which saw canals, ships, buildings, railways, arms, and one of the best inventions of all time; The Bicycle...

Oh it feels the same weight as the Surly Pugsley!...

Saddle needs some TLC with some Brooks wax...

Frame looks to have been repainted as sticker graphics that are available for restoration, original these were hand painted, with a feather, by a craftsman...

Look at that quality in the springs...

Need some shoes for the rod brakes...

And a part for the enclosed chain guard...

One of the longest produced Raleigh Models, the Popular was made from 1930 to the 1950s...

Raleigh Popular Advertising...

Nice detail...

I should find some white wall tyres for the bike...


  1. Getting quite the collection there CK. (-:

  2. 28 Bikes and half builds i think kicking around coastkid HQ now DummyDiva -:)

    room for loads more! -:)

  3. Hi I'm new to your pages, but enjoy the read. You do an area of cycling I did,nt know existed. I like your vintage bike reports, takes me back to my youth, I was born in 1953 so lived through the golden age of steel bikes. I was in Sri Lanka a few weeks back and saw lots of old bikes (with rod brakes) still in regular use. I have some photo's of "bike shops" full of old rusty bikes for sale.

  4. Hi Robin, thanks for looking in on the blog and leaving a comment, old bikes are great!

  5. WOW...sweet bicycle! I encourage people to click on his pictures for the big picture. There is a lot going on there.


  6. Needs a big Granville style grocery basket on the front Bruce. Perfect for the cider run..

  7. Split frame/rear triangle...I dare you to convert it to Gates belt drive ;-)

  8. Any imformation on the make and model of the bicycles used by the RAF in the 50/60s I hope to purchase one and restore to RAF colours.
    I am ex RAF and used these bikes a lot,
    thanks for any help.

  9. I will have a search about and post up findings here, i think many were regular British bikes of the time without chrome, then painted...

  10. Are these classic old models still available to purchase ?

  11. Not an original Raleigh like this but reproductions of the classic models are i believe available in America, Here in the UK Pashley do classic style roadsters still available

  12. I just bought this bike and trying to complete the parts awesome bike!

  13. anyone know what year did they start using cable brakes instead of rods

  14. Hello
    nice to read and the beautiful pictures
    I live in Rotterdam and am a big fan of Raleigh since the 70th years (I still have my 1st Raleigh “continental” 1972).
    my daily bike is the Roadstar 1973
    (likes popular but with hub brake)
    thanks for the pictures.