Monday, 27 October 2014

A wild Sunday on the coast!

Wild Gales again on Sunday morning here in the hood!,

Chainsawing firewood then seeing Francis home from Holland was the plan for Sunday, but i still had time first for an early quick hours ride again on the Pug from Aberlady out across the blowing sands of the Bay,
Parking the car in Aberlady i rode west out of the wind  in the woods of the John Muir Way then winched side on into the gale around to the Crab Isle off of Green Craig island. Tide was not low enough to ford the Peffer at it`s estuary so rode through the rocks at Kilspindie- The chunky Sulry Nate tyres on the Pugsley allowed me to ride across the Mussel shell covered mud flats to a part i often can cross the Peffer with dry feet opposite the birdwatching hide.
It was just too windy and sand blowing waist deep to take out the compact camera out on the sands,i shot some film with the Go Pro after a 30 mph tailwind for the two miles across the sands! :)

Funny how the worst weather conditions for cycling encourage you to get out for a cycle when you have a Fatbike, and days like this an old cheap value fatbike is ideal, there is still paint left on the frame  :)

Song is `Hiscores` by Boards of Canada
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