Thursday, 5 September 2013

East Lothian Harvest - from the air

If you are enjoying the East Lothian Harvest time scenery on the blog this now then check out this film a friend Gary E has just made using his remote control Quad copter (it may have more than 4 props!)

You may remember this film i posted up by Gary 6 months ago

Well Gary has been back out filming the harvest, and some very big machines too!
It is easily the best East Lothian film i have seen made this year, because of its quality, amazing skill and operation by Gary, we plan to do a fatbiking film very soon when weather conditions are right,

an amazing film, shot here in East Lothian where the core of a Combine Harvester was invented...


  1. That is a superb piece of filming (and editing no doubt!).

  2. TV quality Derek!, best made East Lothian film i have seen this year for sure!