Tuesday 17 September 2013

Short Cycle at John Muir Country Park...

After Saturdays amazing weather the wind roared through Saturday night and Sunday was dark and over cast, what a contrast!. Heavy rain showers blew through all morning. The the skies briefly cleared a bit showing a bit of blue here and there. Ped texted to see if i fancied an hour or so ride around John Muir Country Park at Dunbar. With no interest to winch home 8 miles into that gale i threw the Pugsley in the car boot and drove down. With the weather the car park was near deserted.

JMP is ideal for cycling in foul weather as you can ride through the woods then enjoy a tail wind assisted cruise across the sands. All sandy trails too so nice and clean, and the surfers showers come in handy to wash the bike after -:)

A brief interval of blue sky...

A fun hour riding fatbikes, picking Brambles to munch, beach combing through old crockery, having a search on Bullet Hill, and chilling out with a good friend...

Wee film
Song is `Almost Forgot Myself` by The Doves
click on the cog icon to view in HD

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