Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Scotlands East Coast -Timelapse on film..

When i left school i thought the Highlands and the west coast of Scotland was the real Scotland as i explored in on my motorcycles with camping gear on the back- The real Scotland,  Where the tartans and clans came from. Despite the heavy rain and Midges i thought these Highland Glens where Clans once lived and fought, for there lands and freedom, and the Western Isles, once ruled by the strongest of clans as they ruled the sea was, the real Scotland. I loved thinking about this as i rode through these Glens.

Now many of these Glens are deserted from the Highland Clearances, one of the darkest times of Scottish history, when people were forced from there homes and struggled to make a living elsewhere, or for many boarded ships bound for the far away colonies. Some of those who made it would indeed prosper and for them it was probably the best thing they did...
Sadly most of this was done by our own Countrymen whose greed did this,
I bet those who left Scotland still thought of home. Home is where you grew up, and often it is where you wish to one day be buried or your ashes scattered, because it is inside of you your home..

Now i am (getting) older i really appreciate where i grew up here on the east coast and my childhood spent outdoors with my dad as the first County Ranger in Scotland. Dad has taught me all i know about our coast and countryside here in East Lothian and its nature and local history. All the important things in our countries history that have happened here in East Lothian.
I now love our Victorian Seaside towns and small rural cottages with red pan tile roofs.

The sunrise views out across the North Sea  are equal to anywhere in the UK, not just  NW Scotland.
I was reminded this when one of the Journo`s whispered in my ear last Wednesday "You live in a very special place, you are so lucky".
Everyone there said that in their smiles as they stood looking across to Fidra Lighthouse - it is indeed a "Treasure" of an island.

Thanks to my big brother for sharing this amazing time lapse film he came across of our east coast,shot between Edinburgh and Berwick Upon Tweed.


Pretty cool film eh?

Well it gets better, just up the road is our City of Edinburgh, time lapse is great to watch of skies and cloud banks etc, but urban time lapse with lights can be amazing to watch. Check out this film by the same film maker and watch out for the showground rides -:)

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