Sunday, 1 September 2013

Into September, late summer...

Into September now, late summer, my favourite month of the year, often we get good weather with amazing skies and of course the golden harvest scenery, this summer has been amazing skies every month!.
It is getting cooler in the mornings and the nights are drawing in...

The last week has been dry, often misty mornings and then rolling fluffy clouds across the big sky of our little county of East Lothian...

I have a 360 degree view from my office window... -:)

The county is full of the drone of the harvest, have been out filming all week and it is a great sight to see the huge machines clearing fields...

Great cycling this now as you just ride where you want and join up trails between fields, fatbikes romp across stubble fields real easy...


What the harvest is all about...

That and fatbiking... -:)


  1. I trust the farmers / landowners don't mind?!

  2. Amazing photos Bruce. I'm overseas at the moment and now am real homesick for east Lothian. September is my favourite month. I just wish I could spin it out longer.

  3. Anonymous; Its Scotland - "Right to Roam".
    I get big friendly waves from farmers as i film them harvesting, most of them know me and are happy to get some WWW internet film and some free East Lothian advertising -:)

    Mandy; September is in East Lothian the month our County really shines, i will try to post more pics to ease your pain -:)