Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Gear Review; Showers Pass `Cloud Cover` Waterproof Phone case

Some things come along that are just really neat, and this is one of those things, I was given a Showers Pass `Cloud Cover`  water proof mobile phone cover to use and review on my Work mobile i Phone.

Now if like me and your a Head Green keeper/Golf Course Manager (same job - different pay rate!)  or anyone who works outdoors and like we do are always playing ping pong  phone calls where you call someone, get their answer machine, put your phone back in a waterproof bag inside about 3 jackets,  then minutes later they call you back and you miss the call by the time you find the phone under several layers and unwrap it from (what i used) Tesco sealed sandwich bag then you know what i am on about!, then when you call back that person is now on another call!,
You want one of these for £15 here in the UK...

Before i used the bombproof case on the left along with my phone having screen protector film on both sides. But the case is bulky and had to wrap it in a sealed bag as mentioned. And so was not so handy when outside working...

I found it hard to hear/be heard talking to people through the poly bag standing on a wind swept hill in the rain!. This case you still have to talk loudly - yeah i know, something i don`t have a problem with  as my friends say!.
But this case is neat, it seals with these snap seals and also a Velcro wrap...

My i Phone 4 fits inside with the thin rubber protector cover shown below and the seam of the Cloud Cover also acts as cushioning if the phone is dropped etc.
You can see in the picture by the cover that it has been well used over the last 4 weeks...

It takes a wee while to get used to using the phone in it`s cover but it can be done. I write emails outside in the rain and also the phone takes pics fine through the plastic window on the back. Only if you use the flash does it sometimes reflect back.

Being trigger happy i have taken loads of pics at work for future reference etc, here are some to show the phone camera quality through the Cloud Cover is ok...

You can see a small reflection on the cover here above the golf flag..

And just as important cycling!, be it lying in an open Glove box tray on a mower at work or in a frame bag the phone is protected from all the elements..

I took these on a sand/wind swept beach on Sunday morning while we were cycling on the coast...

Camera works fine through the cover as you can see.
Along with their cycling cut soft shell Rogue Hoodie i am really impressed with stuff so far by this company, smart and functional with no bull,

Showers pass Cloud Cover phone cases are available here in East Lothian at Dave's shop Law Cycles
Showers Pass UK dealers near where you live can be found here at UK Showers Pass

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